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ERNI's connectors have been successfully used in numerous projects where the special features and functions played a major role. This would not have been possible without the development of innovative product solutions. Our many satisfied customers encourage us to consistently continue on this path. We will show you examples in which our products have been used and have contributed to the optimization of applications. The list of projects will be extended continuously. Therefore, we would be pleased to welcome you regularly on this page.

Industrial Automation
Distributed Control Systems (DCS)

A DCS allows machines to exchange information reliably by supporting as the primary interconnect function within a system interface to copy with ever increasing demands on mechanical and electrical requirements even under extreme conditions.

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Fieldbus Coupler

To enable use in the fieldbus coupler, a number of requirements had to be combined in the available connectors. For the processing of the signals of up to 64 I/O modules, a data rate of up to 10 Gbit/s was required.

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Surge Protection Device

Today’s surge protection devices (SPD) are designed with a small form factor to fit into tightly spaced applications, and this has caused a rising demand for space-saving components over the years.

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Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

The PLC functions as an industrial computer control system with modular components that use to automate customized control production processes.

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A wide range of pin counts was critical to ensure that functions such as low beam, high beam, matrix beam, indicator and all-weather light are actuated with the same system.

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Battery Management System

Our client needed Board-to-Cable connectors with a side retention force of 100N for a reliable and secure mating connection between the male and female connectors to withstand strong vibrations.

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Heated Steering Wheel

A steering wheel is the main controlling unit in a car with several built-in functions to manage the audio system selection and volume, cruise control and cell phone connectivity etc.

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On-board Charger

An on-board charger (OBC) is used in an electric vehicle to charge the traction battery with its primarily role to  manage the flow of electricity from the grid to the battery.

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Compressor for fuel cell systems

With its temperature resistance up to 150 ºC, the MaxiBridge from ERNI is the ideal solution for implementing the cable connection in the compressor.

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Medical Ultrasound Equipment

A medical ultrasound equipment is a diagnostic imaging technique that uses high frequency sound waves to reflect the human body's internal organs and soft tissues to create an image on the display screen.

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Industrial Embedded Computer System

The stability of embedded computing systems is paramount to the appropriate functioning of smart transportation, medical, and communication applications for example.

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IC Testing Equipment

Semiconductor chips testing is carried out using a test system and a test handler in conjunction with an automated test equipment (ATE).

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