PCI plug connectors

for fast I/O connetions

The ERNI PCI Express connectors meet the requirements of the modern PCI Express architecture and enable fast full-duplex I/O connections. Unlike many other card edge connectors, our products have an angled design. This makes them ideal for applications where the small space above the PCB makes it impossible to use straight connectors. The robust PCIe connectors are available for different board distances.

  • angled design
  • different board spacings
  • for 1.6 mm to 2.4 mm motherboards
  • suitable for 1.6 mm daughter cards
  • Coding for secure connection
  • safe, automated assembly
  • suitable for lead-free wave soldering
  • 100 Ohm and 85 Ohm versions
  • 4-row layout with 1 mm pitch

PCIe connectors for many different applications

PCI Express Catalog

Application possibilities of PCI Express connectors

Card edge connectors such as ERNI PCI Express connectors are suitable for applications where high-bandwidth peripherals need to be connected to a motherboard. The PCIe standard is the successor of PCI, AGP and PCI-X and provides significantly higher data rates. Unlike the PCI bus, PCI Express is not a shared bus system, but dedicated full-duplex point-to-point connections.

Thanks to the angled design of the PCI connectors, particularly space-saving surface mounting on the PCB is possible. Especially applications with compact housings and low clearance above the board, which do not allow a straight configuration of plug and socket, benefit from angled PCI connectors. The available 5.84 mm, 11.18 mm and 16.69 mm board spacings also ensure flexible use. Positioning aids for safe processing, tray packaging for automated assembly and the suitability for the lead-free wave soldering process allow efficient production processes.

PCI Express connectors reliably transfer data between peripheral devices and the main processor at high speed. They are suitable as card edge connectors for many applications. Would you like to learn more about these powerful and compact connectors? Our competent staff will be happy to advise you. Contact us now.

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