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IDC terminals

for extremely miniaturized applications

Extremely miniaturized applications can be implemented with IDC terminals. They provide reliable wire-to-board connections and are suitable for stranded wire conductors of various cross-sections. Thanks to the suitability for fully automatic assembly and print mounting, efficient processing is possible. With IDC technology no stripping of the wires before connection is necessary. Unreliable manual soldering methods can be avoided.

  • extremely small connector outline on pcb
  • reliable cable connection
  • processed completely automatic
  • simple handling
  • no stripping necessary
  • press-in without special tool
  • industrial-suited
  • reliable retention force on the PCB
  • for different cable diameters
  • various color variants

IDC terminals for many different applications

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Operating principle of the IDC connector technology

IDC terminals, in comparison to the connectors, do not create pluggable, but rather a permanent, cable connection of a conductor. Displacement contacts ensure contact of the cable. Stripping of the cable is not necessary thanks to the double displacement contacts. Fastening the conductors and pressing the terminals is possible without a special tool. The IDC terminal technology ensures a high reproducibility and precise conductor connection.

Application possibilities of IDC terminals from ERNI

IDC connectors are an ideal solution everywhere that reliable and miniaturized wire-to-board connections are required. Often the connections are found in lighting technology. IDC terminals are used in retrofit LED lamps, advertising displays, light curtains or LED and OLED modules. In the automotive area the IDC connection, for example in the make-up mirror of the sun visor, ensures the connection of the lighting.

Other application areas are medical technology, lab analytical systems in the pharmaceutical industry, mobile devices and digital measuring devices. IDC terminals find applications in the industrial environment in sensor systems for determining rotation and positions, in drive controls and in access control systems and in smart metering.

Our IDC terminals establish permanent cable connections and can be used in miniaturized applications. They are reliable, flexibly applied and cost efficient in interconnect devices. Thanks to the IDC terminal technology with displacement contacts, no preliminary stripping of the connection cable is required. Do you have questions about the IDC terminals or need advice on these practical wire-to-board connections? Our employees are glad to be there for you. Contact us now.

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