iBridge Ultra connectors

for Cable-to-Board connections

The iBridge Ultra connector family offers extensive Cable-to-Board solutions. It is designed for applications, which need reliable and robust connection systems. A TPA (Terminal Position Assurance) named as Retainer as well, a double lock for the female contact in the housing, makes the connections particularly resistant against strong vibrations, such as those that occur in the automotive area. Other possible uses are in industry, telecommunications and medicine.

The compact design allows use at any desired location between control units and local components such as sensors, motors, switches, fans, heating elements, fuses or LEDs.

  • current rating up to 5 A ampacity per contact

  • compact thanks to pitch of just 2 mm

  • different numbers of pins available

  • temperature range from -40 to +100 °C

  • crimp contacts for AWG 22 and AWG 24

  • double locking of the crimp contacts in the housing (TPA)

  • polarity reversal protection design

  • double-sided interlocking

  • USCAR-2  compliance

iBridge Ultra connectors for many different applications

Possible applications of the iBridge Ultra connectors

The connectors from the iBridge Ultra family provide solutions for Cable-to-Board applications. Especially in sensitive systems that require secure and robust connections. They are specifically tailored to the high requirements of the automotive applications. A Terminal Position Assurance inside the housing offers a high level of resistance against strong vibrations. The iBridge Ultra connectors can be used in a large range of temperatures.

A polarity reversal protection plug design prevents errors during installation. At 20 °C, the individual contacts can carry currents of 5 amps. A pitch of just two millimeters ensures a compact plug design and the universal usability at almost any location in the vehicle. For minimum light absorption in LED applications, the housings are natural colors.

Other applications area of the ERNI iBridge Ultra connectors are:

  • Tele- and data communication
  • LED lighting technology

The ERNI iBridge Ultra connectors are characterized in particular by their secure hold, their vibration resistance and their excellent ampacity. They are perfect for use in vehicles and for other challenging applications.

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