D-Sub connectors

for reliable signal transmission

D-Sub connectors are used as reliable I/O connectors around the world in a broad range of diverse applications. ERNI offers a wide assortment of D-Sub connectors. The individual designs differ by pincount, termination type, installation height and attachment options. They are suitable as PCB or cable connectors depending on their type and can be used reliably in various processing requirements.

  • Numerous termination options

  • Reliable signal transmission

  • Current carrying capacity up to 40 A

  • Mechanically robust

  • Vibration and shock-resistant

  • High electromagnetic interference resistance

  • High temperature resistant

  • Metric or imperial fastening types

  • Flexible use with numerous pin options and installation heights

  • Also available in an slim-line design

D-Sub connectors in numerous designs

1092 Products
D-Sub Slimline Catalog

D-Sub Pressfit Plated-Through Hole Specifications

D-Sub Slimline Pad Design & Layout Recommendation

Using ERNI D-Sub connectors

The ERNI D-Sub connector system supports a broad range of different applications, allowing for numerous assembly configurations. The connectors can be soldered or pressfit onto the PCB. Various fastening options for cables include crimping, soldering, and insulation displacement systems area also available.

Right angle or vertical connectors are offered to accommodate various board or cable mating configurations. Many other options are available for each design depending on individual requirements, and all modern processing procedures and applications are supported. Board terminations via standard wave soldering (THT), reflow soldering (SMT and THR), and press-fit (PF) are available.

D-Sub connectors connect the PCB and cables, transmit analog and digital signals, or allow sub-assemblies to be supplied with electrical energy.

They are used, for instance, in the following applications:

  • In fieldbus communication for industrial controllers
  • In frequency converters and servo drives in industrial drive technology
  • In communication between switches
  • In railway technology
  • In military technology

ERNI D-Sub connectors – safe and diverse

ERNI D-Sub connectors offer reliable, extremely robust solutions for modern PCB and cable designs. They facilitate highly economical and flexible connection design. Thanks to their modular design, D-Sub connectors continue to be used in a variety of I/O applications.

Do you need further advice on our D-Sub connectors, or do you have questions about our products and applications? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will be happy to assist in your I/O requirements.

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