Central Electric Units

for reliable and safe connections

Central electric units control the functions of modern vehicles. The solutions based on printed circuit boards offer many advantages over conventional cable harnesses. Space requirements and susceptibility to errors are reduced while at the same time saving costs. The commercial vehicle sector in particular, which depends on reliable and safe connections at high currents, benefits from the powerful central electrics.

ERNI develops and produces high-quality central electric units to meet the requirements of various industries. They are characterized by their shock and vibration resistance and have a high current carrying capacity. The portfolio includes both standard central electric units from the system modules as well as customer-specific solutions.

  • reliable thanks to pressfit technology
  • easy to assemble
  • shock and vibration resistant
  • high current carrying capacity
  • modular and can be combined as required
  • low power dissipation
  • robust and secure connections
  • high degree of flexibility

Central electric units for individual requirements

ERNI offers the complete service portfolio for customer-specific central electric units, from project management and the provision of samples to series production. Production is carried out under strict quality control in Germany. It includes assembly, soldering, pressfitting, assembly of the printed circuit board and integration into a housing. The range of services also includes advice on the selection of suitable interface connectors and 3D integration of the central electric unit in the vehicle.

Solutions for commercial vehicles in various industries

Central electrical units for commercial vehicles are exposed to harsh environmental conditions and have to withstand high currents. ERNI offers solutions with their central electrc units that perfectly meet these high requirements. ERNI provides the appropriate and reliable technology for machines in construction and agricultural or transport vehicles.

Standard Central Electric Units

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Central Electric Units Catalog

Standard CE Units 16 ATO fuses

Standard CE Units 11 ATO fuses, 1 Mini fuse, 1 Mini relay

Standard CE Units 9 ATO fuses, 2 Mini relays

Standard CE Units 2 Maxi fuses, 2 Mini relays

ERNI's new generation of central electric units is robust and safe; it offers high power transmission performance. Thanks to their experience and competence in development and production, ERNI is the ideal partner for you. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have on this subject. Contact us now.

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