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Robust cable housings for reliable I/O connections

The cable plug housings from ERNI can be used for I/O connections of D-Sub and DIN 41612 / IEC 60603-2 connectors. Depending on the application and cable plug type used, they are available in various series. The sizes of the housings can vary depending on the pin count and number of contact rows of the connector families. Integrated shielding plates and metalized plastic designs are partly used to prevent electromagnetic interferences.

  • compact design
  • protection of plug and cable
  • touch and dust protection
  • captive individual parts
  • numerous assembling accessories
  • flexible cable outputs
  • assembly-friendly
  • simple to handle
  • no special tool required
  • robust, stable and vibration resistant
Cable Housing for D-Sub Catalog

Cable Housing for DIN Catalog

Numerous application possibilities for ERNI cable housings

The two-shell plastic housings provide the right solutions regarding wiring in control cabinets, machines or electrical devices. The housings offer good protection of the plug and connectors from outer influences and have proven themselves in the field. Various latches, fastening options, codings and cable outlet options expand their area of use. In industrial automation they are used, for example, for bus connections or connections between I/O assemblies and the main board.

Other typical areas of use for the cable housing are:

  • robotics
  • rail-related applications in trains or in the infrastructure and passenger information
  • telecommunication infrastructure (distributor, multiplexer, wireless systems and broadband communication systems)
  • measurement instruments and test equipment
  • civil and military aviation
  • safety systems

A huge area of use is available for our DIN 41612 / IEC 60603-2 and D-Sub cable housings. They protect cables and connectors from outside influences and are available as individual components or as preassembled sets. The assembly and handling of the housings is simple. If you want to learn more about our practical cable plug housings, contact us now. We will be glad to work with you to find the right housing for your applications.

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