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May 2, 2018

M12 - 12- and 17 pins

Over the last three decades, the M8/M12 connector system has established itself as that preferred device- connection for use in rough environment which re- quire a reliable, robust coupling solution.

With various pin counts and a number of cable types, plug configurations and plug codings, the M8/M12 connector covers a wide spectrum of requirements. ERNI Electronics is now expanding its already-extensive portfolio to include versions with higher pin counts.


  • high pin count in the standard M12 design
  • design-in suitable for the ERNI M8/M12 range
  • SMT, shieldable and suitable for automated processes
  • space saving for very compact device design
    • compensation of device interfaces
    • a single plug for bus, I/O, control, service and safety signals
    • enables more ports; for instance, for I/O boxes
    • M12 instead of M23 for multi-pin connections of valve terminals
  • Applications:
    • sensors, cameras, scanners, rotary encoders
    • I/O boxes, sensor/actuator multi-pin connections

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