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December 4, 2013

ERNI Electronics with Comprehensive EMS Offering

ERNI Electronics has over 30 years' experience in the field of electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and accompanies its customers from the initial product concept through to full-scale production.

As a pioneer of pressfit technology and on the basis of its core capabilities in connectors, backed up by a wealth of system expertise and a high vertical range of manufacture with high-performance tool making, ERNI offers tailor-made, cost-effective EMS products from a single source. The offering has been consistently and continuously expanded over the years. It now covers the entire value-added chain, encompassing development, special contacts, pressfit technology, backplanes, soldering technology, protective coatings, cable assembly, test technology in addition to the production of subracks, housings and systems.

ERNI Electronics equips electronic devices with state-of-the-art technology. To this end, ERNI Electronics has all the necessary technologies at its disposal such as fine-pitch SMT assembly; SMT, THR and THT soldering; protective coatings; AOI, in-circuit and function testers; component programming, not to mention test equipment construction and the development of test software.

For many years, the company has also manufactured backplanes, drawing in doing so on its wide-ranging core capabilities in pressfit technology. Besides standard backplanes (CompactPCI, VME, ATCA, etc.), ERNI Electronics also produces backplanes to customer specifications. The products are tested to the strictest of test standards, not forgetting automatic optical inspection, connection tests and insulation testing.

ERNI Electronics complements its comprehensive range of connectors with cable assembly solutions for a whole host of applications. Thanks to high-performance automatic systems, ERNI offers both pre-assembled connectors as well as customised cable solutions cost-efficiently. To this end, all the necessary technologies are available within the company - from the cable preparation (cutting to length, stripping, insulating, tin-plating, shielding) through to a vast range of different contacting techniques (crimping, soldering, insulation displacement contacting, welding, screwing, bonding and coax). The entire final assembly, testing as well as labelling and packing also all take place in-house.

ERNI Electronics covers all the integration stages of electronics manufacturing through to device manufacturing and assembly. Depending on the requirements, specially adapted plate bending constructions and standard profiles are used. The corresponding services include the assembly mounting, the wiring and the electrical testing of the complete system (safety and function testing). Product-specific labelling is a further service included in the offering.

On the basis of its large vertical range of manufacture and an extensive, stable network of suppliers, ERNI Electronics offers sophisticated, cost-efficient electronics manufacturing services for complete product solutions, from connectors to cables and housings through to complete systems. Based on its global focus and international organisation ERNI offers the EMS services worldwide.

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