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March 31, 2014

ERNI Electronics facilitates reliable PCB termination even if space is limited

ERNI Electronics facilitates reliable PCB connections also in extremely miniaturised applications such as retrofit bulbs and LED lighting units.

The IDC-PCB terminals with a total height of just 2.0 mm eliminate manual preparation (stripping) of wires prior to termination. The dual IDC contact blades provide a reliable, gas-tight connection to the conductor wire. This means that costly and unreliable hand soldering can be avoided and discrete wires can be processed reliably and reproducibly.

The overall dimensions (2.4 mm x 2.0 mm x 2.0 mm) and the required PCB space are significantly smaller compared to other solutions. A cap guides the wire in the terminal, whilst also serving as a strain relief mechanism. Versions with closed end (wire stop) or feed-through (daisy chain capability) are available. Guides in the contact element guarantee correct connection, whilst detents ensure a secure hold.

The SMT-mounted PCB terminals are suitable for solid and stranded wires. In spite of their compact dimensions, they can support a maximum current carrying capacity of 6.0 A (AWG 24 at 20 °C) or 17 A (AWG 22). The IDC terminals are specified for an extended temperature range of up to 150 °C.

The new IDC terminals are supplied in tape and reel packaging (5000 pieces) to facilitate fully automated board assembly. They are suitable for backside reflow soldering on modern SMT lines.

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