October 21, 2015

ERNI Electronics Expands its Portfolio on IDC Terminals

ERNI Electronics expands its offering on IDC terminals. New variants for stranded wires (AWG24/7 and AWG26/7) are added to the existing offering for solid wires AWG24/1 and AWG22/7 (stranded wires).

Wires with a maximum diameter of 1.1 mm (incl. isolation) can be handled. The new introduced IDC terminals and the already available AWG22 variants are also now available with new colors like natural, red, green and black. These new color variants offer the designer the option to color-code the layout so that mistakes during wire attach (integration) are mitigated. The very compact IDC terminals are ideal for reliable PCB connections and especially in space sensitive applications such as in lighting (LED, OLEDs, etc.), medical equipment, smart metering, head sets and a huge variety of mobile devices.

The new IDC-PCB terminals eliminate manual preparation (dismantling) of wires prior to termination. The dual IDC contact blades provide a reliable, gas-tight connection to the conductor wire with high contact reliability. This means that costly and unreliable hand soldering processes can be avoided and replaced instead with discrete wires attach that can be reproduced and processed reliably.

The overall dimensions (3.3 mm x 3.3 mm x 2.8 mm) and required PCB space are significantly smaller compared to other solutions. The integrated cap (housing) guides the wire into the dual design terminal, while also serving as a strain relief mechanism. Other features include versions with closed end (wire stop) or feed-through (daisy chain capability). Guiding latches in the contact element guarantee correct connection, whilst detents ensure a secure hold.

In spite of their compact dimensions, they can support a maximum current carrying capacity of 14 A (AWG 24/7 at 20 °C) or 12 A (AWG 26/7). The IDC terminals are specified for an extended temperature range of -40 °C to 150 °C.

The new IDC terminals are supplied in tape and reel packaging (2000 pieces) to facilitate fully automated board assembly. They are suitable for backside reflow soldering on modern SMT lines.

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