July 2, 2014

ERNI Electronics Expands its Pin Header Portfolio

ERNI Electronics support the ongoing miniaturization trend with the expansion of its pin header portfolio.

The broad offering enables countless, compact solutions to connect two PCBs which are arranged on top of each other or to attach connecting cables to PCBs inside of related equipments. For customer specific applications specific numbers of pins, contact lengths or contact materials can be realized.

Developing the header product range, ERNI have taken modern assembly technologies into account. In addition to pressfit pin headers the straight and right angle versions are available for wave and reflow soldering. The solderless pressfit technique is particularly recommended for PCBs with components fitted on both sides.

The ERNI pin headers with 2.54 mm pitch are one-row and dual-row plastic strips with square pins (0.64 mm x 0.64 mm). The portfolio includes single row headers as solder/THR versions with up to 50 pins (1x50) or as pressfit/SMT versions with up to 36 pins (1x36) maximum. Dual row headers are available as solder/THR versions with up to a total of 100 pins (2x50) or as pressfit versions with up to a total of 72 pins (2x36) maximum. With the pin headers PCB distances in the range of 2.5 mm to 31.4 mm can be realized.

ERNI provides the DIN and LPV compatible pin headers in various standard lengths. Any number of pin connectors can be arranged next to each other in a row. The insulation bodies have prepared fracture points so that the desired number of pins can be easily broken off. ERNI offers two different materials for its pin headers: PA 46 GF black for high temperature soldering like SMT or THR, and PBT GF for wave soldering processes and pressfit versions.

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