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October 29, 2012

ERmet ZD and ERmet ZDplus Connectors from ERNI Electronics Enable Performance Increase in New AdvancedTCA 3.1R2 Specification

PICMG recently announced the adoption and availability of the AdvancedTCA® 3.1R2 specification.

The new specification increases system bandwidth by four times, allowing a single chassis to handle data transfers up to 10 terabits per second for full mesh designs. This translates into transporting and switching over 2 million High Definition video channels at the same time. The new specification defines the ERmet ZD and ERmet ZDplus connectors offered by ERNI Electronics as the backplane interconnect and on the daughter cards. ERNI Electronics has strongly supported the development of the new specification offering touchstone models needed for the simulations of the high-speed signal paths that finally lead to the definition of a set of interconnect parameters for systems according to AdvancedTCA PICMG 3.1R2.0.

The ERmet ZD connector has been selected as the backplane interconnect for the PICMG 3.x (ATCA) industry standard. ERNI’s offerings include both, signal and power connectors for the ATCA standard. In addition, the advanced ERmet ZDplus connector now has been selected for usage on the daughter cards according to the latest PICMG 3.1 Rev.2.0 standard.

About ERmet ZD and ERmet Zdplus

ERmet ZD connectors were developed for differential high-speed signal transmission in telecom and datacom applications with data rates of up to 10 Gbps and beyond. The ERmet ZD connectors utilize an optimal design that reduces signal interferences and offers ample room for routing channels. Its optimized design and effective shielding allow the ERmet ZD system to exhibit superb performance when it comes to crosstalk and reflections.

ERmet ZDplus connectors offer even higher data rates than ERmet ZD. The ERmet ZDplus is based on the same mechanical design as the proven ERmet ZD. The ERmet ZD plus female connector used on the daughter cards is mating compatible with the ERmet ZD male connector (used on the backplane). This means that existing backplane designs do not require any changes to the layout on the backplane side if the system is to be upgraded to the new connector.

Using the ERmet ZDplus data rates in the range of 15 Gbps and more are possible through a greatly improved crosstalk behavior and an optimized signal path that results from smaller PCB vias for the press-fit terminal of the female daughter card connectors.

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