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Connector and Product Information

ISO 50001:2011 TUEV

ERNI Deutschland GmbH

ISO 9001:2015 TUEV

ERNI Production GmbH & Co. KG

AEO Certificate ERNI Production

AEO Certificate ERNI Electronics

DIN 41612 / IEC-60603-2 2.54 mm
DIN 41612 Catalog

Female Connectors New Design

DIN Pressfit Plated Through Hole Specifications

ERmet 2.0 mm Hard Metric
ERmet Power Modules

ERmet CompactPCI

Repair Instruction ERmet ZD Male Connector

ERmet Pressfit Plated Through Hole Specifications

Shroud selection information

ERmet 5-row Single Line Simulation Model

ERmet 8-row Single Line Simulation Model

ERmet ZD High-Speed
ERmet ZD Catalog

ERmet ZDplus Catalog

ERmet ZDpro Catalog

AdvancedTCA Connectors

ERmet ZD Pressfit Plated Through Hole Specifications

Repair Instruction ERmet ZD Female Connector

ERmet ZD Application Note

ERmet ZDplus Application Note

ERmet ZDpro Application Note

ERmet ZD Single Pair Simulation Model

High Current- / Coax-Contacts
High Current-/ Coax-Contacts for DIN-Connectors

High Current-/ Coax-Contacts for ERmet-Connectors

Electrical and mechanical characteristics

Enclosures IDG-A Catalog

Enclosures IDG-B Catalog

Enclosures LDG-A Catalog

Enclosures LDG-S Catalog

IDC Terminals
IDC Terminals Catalog

IDC Terminal Pad Design & Layout Recommendation

M8 / M12 Circular Connectors
M8 / M12 Circular Connectors Catalog

M12 Right Angled Connectors

Technical Data for M12 angled connectors

Integration Recommendation for M12 angled connectors

PCB Layout for M12 angled connectors, 5 pins

PCB Layout for M12 angled connectors 3D Files, 5 pins

PCB Layout for M12 angled connectors, 8 pins

PCB Layout for M12 angled connectors 3D Files, 8 pins

Integration Recommendation for M12 straight connectors

Integration Recommendation for M12 180°

Integration Recommendation for M8 180°

MaxiBridge 2.54 mm
MaxiBridge Catalog

Processing Specification MaxiBridge CSI

MicroBridge 1.27 mm
MicroBridge Catalog

Processing Specification MicroBridge

Processing Specification MicroBridge Attachment 1

Processing Specification MicroBridge Attachment 2

MicroCon 0.8 mm
MicroCon Catalog

Mating Conditions MicroCon

MicroCon Simulation Models

MicroSpeed 1.0 mm
MicroSpeed Catalog

MicroSpeed Triple

MicroSpeed Powermodule

MicroSpeed 2-row Blindmate Mating Conditions

MicroSpeed 2-row Mating Conditions

MicroSpeed 2-row Stacking Heights

MicroSpeed Application Note

MicroSpeed Single Line Simulation Models

MicroStac 0.8 mm
MicroStac Catalog

Mating Conditions MicroStac

MiniBridge 1.27 mm
MiniBridge Catalog

MiniBridge Koshiri

MiniBridge Stacking Dimensions

MiniBridge Cable-to-Cable Connection

Processing Specification MiniBridge SKV

Modular Jacks
Modular Jacks Catalog

Pb-Free Wave Soldering Recommendations

Integrated Magnetics Reference Guide

Power Taps
Power Taps Catalog

Power Taps Mounting Instruction

RoHS WEEE REACh Statement
REACh Customer Information

RoHS / WEEE Statement

RoHS II - Product Groups CoC

Certificate of conformity with Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2) and Delegated Directive 2015/863/EU (RoHS 3)

Conflict Mining / Materials Policy

Conflict Minerals Reporting Template

SMC 1.27 mm
SMC Mating Conditions

SMC Plated Through Hole Specifications

Pin Designation - Board-to-Board

SMC Single Line Simulation Models

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