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Connectors for instrumentation

With their measured values, measuring instruments monitor processes and keep them running. Even the smallest faults in the devices used can lead to large and expensive failures. Instrumentation can be used in various production areas or in the laboratory. The ambient conditions prevailing in each case must under no circumstances falsify the measured values. Developers need high-quality and reliable connectors for instrumentation devices.

ERNI knows these high requirements and offers a wide range of suitable connectors. They ensure reproducible conditions and reliable data. ERNI products such as the MicroSpeed family of connectors are used in many instruments. They master all challenges of instrumentation and have proven themselves in numerous applications.

Advantages of ERNI connectors for instrumentation

High signal integrity
ERNI connectors offer a high degree of signal integrity. The transmission of digital or analog signals is not affected by them.

Low susceptibility to faults
Good EMC properties prevent disturbing effects. Neither external electromagnetic fields impair signal transmission nor does radiated electromagnetic energy interfere with other devices in the immediate vicinity.

They save a lot of space
The connectors are compact, lightweight and reliable. Despite their miniaturized design, they have a robust design. The high degree of miniaturization allows space-saving use.

Robust design
High resistance to shock, vibration and temperature ensures reliable connections. Even under harsh environmental conditions, the connectors meet the requirements of demanding instrumentation applications.

Connection solutions for instrumentation

In our product area you will find suitable connectors for the various instrumentation devices and applications.

Special requirements of measurement instruments

The decisive criterion for selecting suitable connectors for instrumentation devices is a high degree of signal integrity. The plug connection must not impair the transmission of the electrical signals and must at the same time ensure reproducible conditions with low fault tolerance. It is also important that the products used are mature and function reliably under various conditions. Since measurement devices often have filigree designs, connectors with high packing density and slim design are in demand.

ERNI competence and experience in instrumentation

ERNI products are used in numerous measurement technology devices. They offer proven technology and are reference products for many market participants. Thanks to a lively exchange of information and close cooperation with customers and partners, we are very familiar with the requirements of instrumentation. ERNI optimizes the connectors throughout the entire development history and implements individual requirements accordingly.

ERNI connectors meet the high demands of instrumentation and ensure reliable measurement results. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our product range and possible areas of application. Let us advise you and contact us now.

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