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Plug connections for reliable drive technology

ERNI connectors are real performers in modern drive technology. They have the ability to take blows and work absolutely reliably. Regardless of whether a drive is to be braked or whether it is to react appropriately in certain situations, ERNI plug-in systems establish the required connections between the motors and controllers or circuit boards. In many applications they transmit high currents or send and receive data at high speed.

They are ideal for industrial and process automation and are used in drives for automatic assembly machines, machine tools, packaging machines or complete production lines. The portfolio of products includes SMC connector systems in different versions and the MicroCon connector systems with the particularly space-saving grid.

Advantages of ERNI connectors for drive technology

High degree of flexibility
The modular range of ERNI connector systems offers a high degree of flexibility. Various designs with different heights and connections are available for the various development requirements.

Increased economic efficiency
ERNI connectors ensure high availability of the drive systems and their economical operation. Thanks to the best vibration and shock resistance, the products are highly fail-safe.

Time saving
ERNI connectors save a lot of time during assembly of the modules. They enable faultless joining of the modules and are available in blind mate versions, for example.

Fitting ERNI connector products
for drive technology

In our product area you will find suitable connectors for the many different areas of application in drive technology.

The first-class processed, robust SMC connectors enable compact, safe and reliable connections with high current rating and outstanding signal integrity.

  • dual sided female contacts
  • small grid of 1.27 millimeter
  • data rates up to 3 Gbit/s

MicroCon connectors are predestined for demanding applications and offer high performance in an extremely compact design.

  • space-saving 0.8 mm grid dimension
  • extremely reliable and robust
  • No. of poles from 12 to 100

High demands in drive technology

Developers of drive solutions are dependent on a large selection of connectors with different designs, heights and number of poles when implementing their projects. You must also ensure that the connector systems meet all requirements, even under harsh ambient conditions and high temperatures. In addition to good temperature resistance, high shock and vibration resistance is required.

ERNI has suitable solutions for all these requirements in their portfolio.

ERNI Electronics' competence and experience in the field of connectors for drive technology

Our customers include numerous leading innovative drive manufacturers. Thanks to the use of our connectors in many different applications and the cooperation between development and sales, we have a great deal of know-how in the field of drive technology. This well-founded knowledge is continuously incorporated into the development of new products.

There is hardly any drive technology for which ERNI does not have the appropriate connectors available. We implement new requirements together with our customers. We will be happy to answer your questions about suitable products and the properties of the connectors. This allows you to implement your drive technology according to your wishes and requirements. Contact us now!

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