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ERNI connectors for headlight systems

The development of headlight systems in vehicles is progressing rapidly. The lighting systems make an important contribution to road safety and ensure good visibility in a wide variety of light and weather conditions without dazzling other road users. Energy-efficient LED technology is increasingly used in vehicles. Plug connections from ERNI provide suitable solutions for all lighting technologies. Already during the manufacturing process of the connector systems we ensure that the high requirements for headlight systems such as plug-in safety and vibration resistance are reliably fulfilled.

Advantages of ERNI connectors for headlighting systems

Thanks to miniaturization, ERNI connectors are suitable for use in confined spaces. Small increments of 1.27 and 2.54 millimeters respectively ensure optimum use of the available space and save space for further functions.

High current carrying capacity
Despite a small grid and high ambient temperatures, ERNI connectors reliably supply power to LED modules in accordance with the requirements. They are dimensionally stable and consistent over a wide temperature range.

Process reliability
Reliable interlocks ensure high functional reliability and reliability even under strong vibrations. In addition to reliable use in the automotive industry, they also enable safe processing in the production process.

Connection solutions
for modern headlighting systems

In our portfolio you will find suitable connectors for every headlight application.

MiniBridge connectors are ideal for space-saving connections thanks to their miniaturized shape in the 1.27 mm grid and offer high mating reliability.

  • space-saving connectors
  • straight and angled male and female terminal strips
  • up to 8.7 A current rating per contact

The MaxiBridge connector system is ideally suited for space-saving, highly stressed connections such as those found in modern vehicles.

  • single- and double-row cable connector system
  • Current rating up to 12 A per contact
  • straight and angled male multipoint connector
  • 1.27 mm pitch
  • Up to 8.5 A current carrying capacity
  • Available in single-row or double-row design
  • With IDC contacts
  • Temperature resistant from –40°C to +150°C
  • Planned design criteria: LV214 and USCAR

Connectors of the iBridge Ultra series are designed for board-to-cable connections and can be used for numerous applications, for example in the automotive sector.

  • up to 8 A current load per contact
  • Locking tabs for a secure hold
  • positive locking

Requirements for plug connections in headlighting systems

Headlight systems place high demands on the connection technology used in terms of plug-in safety. The majority of headlamp failures can be attributed to defective plug connections with unsafe contact, which is why the Correct plugging process should have the highest priority.

Another important requirement for connectors for headlight systems is high shock and vibration resistance. This requirement must be met by reliable locking techniques. High current carrying capacity at high ambient temperatures, consideration of the applicable test requirements according to LV214 and USCAR as well as optimum space utilization are of utmost relevance for ideal plug connections.

ERNI has the right connectors for use in headlighting systems.

ERNI Electronics' competence and experience in the field of connectors for headlighting systems

ERNI's customers include leading manufacturers of headlamp systems. Thanks to many years of good customer relations, we know the requirements of manufacturers very precisely. In the development phase of the connectors already, we consider the most important automotive standards.

Through an intensive exchange of experience and cooperation based on partnership, we are well equipped for future trends and developments. Our customer proximity and the advisory competence of our sales staff ensure a high degree of mutual trust.

ERNI is the ideal partner for connectors for automotive headlight systems. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our connection systems for these applications. Contact us now.

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