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Automotive connectors for the highest quality demands

Under extreme conditions and high loads, it is especially important for electrical connections to work reliably. Automotive connectors have a wide variety of applications. The demand for high-quality connectors is increasing in the automotive industry, thanks to the growing importance of electric drives. ERNI offers a broad range of automotive connectors for different vehicle applications. Our portfolio includes products for battery management systems and power electronics, headlight systems, and other applications such as assistance and security systems.

These connectors are subject to current automotive testing standards, and are highly reliable. ERNI also has the right solutions for miniaturization in automotive applications.

Advantages of ERNI automotive connectors

The best possible security
Double latching connector designs are shock and vibration-resistant. This strong and effective retaining prevents the connectors from accidentally coming loose and supports rugged, reliable mating requirements throughput the life of the product. This ensures especially stable battery management.

Less space required
The compact design of our connectors allows them to be used in the most stringent of space saving design requirements. Despite being miniaturized, the products fulfill all the demands required in rugged applications.

High temperature resistance
This makes ERNI automotive connectors especially well suited for use in LED modules. Our products function reliably as requirements demand, wherever high temperatures may occur.

Transmit high current levels
The contacts on our automotive connectors have a very high current carrying capacity. They provide a reliable power supply to the electrical system.

Connectors for the automotive industry

Our portfolio includes a wide selection of connectors of various sizes, pincounts and orientations fulfilling a variety of automotive applications.

Specialized requirements demand specialized automotive connectors

Electronic connections in vehicles demand high plug-in reliability, due to the broad range of influences they are subject to before, during, and after operation. These connectors must provide a secure mating at all times, and the specifications of automotive standards like LV214 and USCAR must be taken into consideration. Good automotive connectors have high shock, vibration, and temperature resistance and can be used in applications with LEDs, for instance.

No matter what demands you place on your connectors – ERNI has the solutions you need.

Modern ERNI technology to meet your needs

ERNI's long-term relationships to companies in the automotive industry are shaped by deep mutual trust and intensive collaboration. We consistently exchange expertise and potential solutions, with the goal of meeting our customers application requirements with the best interconnect option. Our experienced ERNI employees discuss current trends and developments in the automotive industry, talking over forward-thinking solution approaches in joint round table meetings. 

Whether you're a provider of light and headlight systems, battery management systems, or power electronics – ERNI understands the needs and standards of the automotive market.

ERNI Automotive Brochure

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers rely on dependable, reliable connectors that fulfill the specific demands of the automotive industry. ERNI is the ideal partner, offering connector solutions with a high level of process reliability. If you have questions about our products, or if you need solutions for specific applications, then please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to provide you further consultation and more information as required.

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