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Update COVID-19: We are there for you

ERNI has worldwide task force teams that continuously monitor the current developments around COVID-19 and derive measures from them. To protect our employees and to ensure the supply of our customers even in case of increased infection, the measures are constantly adapted.

The health of our employees has top priority

Since the beginning of the spread of COVID-19, we have continuously implemented measures to protect our employees. In addition to strict adherence to intensive distance and hygiene rules in the plant, work is done in the home office in all areas where it is possible. Employees who work on-site are provided with three rapid tests per week by ERNI. Also, shift changes in production have been equalized to keep contacts to a minimum.

Production and delivery capability ensured worldwide

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have so far successfully done everything possible to ensure production in our plants, delivery of our products, and our service. Our goal is to continue to support our customers without any restrictions. To date, we can maintain our business operations without any restrictions.

We stay in contact

Our employees are available to you as usual. You can still reach them by phone or e-mail. Or you can use our contact form.

Last update: Mai 20, 2022

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