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The small design of the single-row cable connector system in a 1.27 mm pitch is ideal for space-saving connections between the printed circuit boards and decentral function units. Despite its very small dimensions, the miniature cable connector components offer a high current carrying capacity per contact of up to 8 A. Pre-manufactured female multipoint connectors and cables together with the straight and angled male multipoint connectors available offer a number of mating possibilities for SMT connection technology. MiniBridge connectors are designed taking into account IEC 60838-2-2 but are not fully compliant. The MiniBridge Koshiri version fulfils the requirements for Koshiri Secure. In addition to Koshiri Secure, the MiniBridge connector fulfils the applicable requirements of LV214 for automotive connectors in IDC technology.

This product family belongs to the INTERact® category.

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