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IDG-B enclosures are manufactured completely from plastic material and are therefore fully insulated. They fulfill the modular packaging conditions required by existing standards like DIN 43880 (Built-in equipment; overall dimensions and related mounting dimensions). The enclosures have different installation widths ranging from 35mm to 157mm. IDG-B enclosures are designed to mount onto a DIN-rail (EN50022) with a snap-in clip, which is pre-assembled on the bottom of the base part. The different versions of the top part allow the use of standard screw-terminalblocks. One version is suitable for print-terminalblocks and another version is able to adopt pluggable-terminalblocks which have a pin header soldered onto the printed circuit board. Custom designs including colors or cut-outs for other connectors can also be offered. The upper side of the top part can be modified with cut-outs for specific connectors, light-guides for LEDs, displays, rotary switches etc.. The transparent front cover protects displays from being touched and switches from accidental manipulation.