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The ERmet ZDpro connector is an enhancement of the ERmetZD family. This high-speed differential Hard Metric connector system enables data rates of >25 Gbit/s and is the first connector system that meets the requirements for 100G ATCA technology. The ERmet ZDpro is based on the mechanical design of the proven ERmet ZD and ERmet ZDplus with the same dimensions. To enable higher data rates ERNI Electronics has optimized the press-fit termination of the connectors. To benefit from the maximum performance of the new ERmet ZDpro the usage of backdrilling is recommended. Decreasing via stub length and the related “stub effect“ by backdrilling significantly reduces the reflections and the overall BER (Bit Error Rate) of the connection.

ERmet ZDpro connectors are backwards mating compatible to ERmet ZD and ZDplus connectors.This means, that existing backplane designs don‘t need layout changes on the backplane side, if customers want to upgrade their daughtercards in the first step before upgrading the whole system. Of course the layout on the daughtercards has to be modified, if ERmet ZDpro receptacles are used.

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