ERNI offers various connectors for a wide range of applications. Thanks to 100 percent monitoring that ranges from design to production, we can influence the quality of all processes without compromise. We develop and produce all metal parts (including contacts and shields) as well as the matching plastic components (including insulating bodies and housings) ourselves.

Cable Assembly

ERNI has individual solutions for every connection problem. The ERNI engineers develop solutions for every challenge within connector technology. Flat cables, round cables and single strands together with diverse connectors offer individual solutions. Ideal costs are of particular importance to us here.

Central Electric Units

The central electric units of the BLUEcontact™ line incorporates the advantages of the flexible press-fit technology of ERNI Electronics thus making the new generation of central electrics for commercial vehicles more robust, more secure and increasing power transmission performance.


The enclosures are designed for installation on DIN-rails. The different installation housings are used for electronic equipment in seversl fields of applications. Cable housings are available for DIN- and D-Sub connectors.