Connectors for headlight systems

Safety in a new light.

Today's lighting systems make an enormous contribution to road safety: vehicles featuring LED technology turn night into day without dazzling other road users. They detect the lighting and weather conditions, adapting to these as part of a fully automated process.

With new functions being added all the time, you could say that the development of light technology is progressing at the speed of light. ERNI components have no trouble keeping pace with these changes: the connector systems, which have been tested in accordance with automotive standards, guarantee perfect function of the assemblies whatever the weather and road conditions are. Strong vibrations are effortlessly absorbed by the ­interlock and the robust smd soldering points. The high temperatures generated by the cramped conditions in headlights do not pose a problem. ERNI makes a particularly good impression in this context thanks to its flexible miniaturized wire-to-board solutions. Further advantages include the straightforward connection of the connectors and the resulting secure mating in the production process.