Connector solutions for Industry 4.0

Embracing future changes. The networking of tomorrow.

The fourth industrial revolution is never truly going to stop, with the revolution developing into a permanent technical evolution. A highly flexible industry based around full automation that is networked with suppliers, partners, markets, and customers. Here, products are no longer provided off the rack, but are instead ­produced according to specific needs and requirements. Everything will communicate with everything else - machines will communicate with workpieces, power plants will interact with electronic vehicles, and food stores will exchange information with refrigerators. The list could go on forever.

With the Internet of things, our world is developing into a huge universal machine. However, networking is an essential tool for tapping into these advantages, and one that requires the ability to bring things together.
ERNI connectors are already able to handle the data volumes of tomorrow without any problems, which also makes them an interesting option in terms of applications that have not yet even crossed our minds.

Mod Jack RJ45 / RJ11

Mod Jack RJ45 / RJ11 connectors