Integration & final assembly


If so required, we will turn your assembled PCBs into complete devices and components. Our services include component wiring, installation of attachments, housing integration, and electrical testing of the overall system. We use individually-matched bent plate designs or top-quality standard profiles, depending on your requirements. ERNI implements software, provides packaging and labeling, and manages serial numbers. You can rely on our personal touch in our service every step of the way.

Our Service

  • Component wiring
  • Installation of attachments
  • Integration into racks or other housings
  • Customer-specific test procedures
  • Labeling, management of serial numbers, packaging
  • Semi-automated assembly stations
  • Programming and testing stations
  • Component racks/integration
  • Housing, backplane, power supply, fan/cooling, cabling
  • 70,000 racks per year on four ESD assembly lines
  • Fully-featured testing stations
  • Safety testing (electrical safety)
  • System and functional testing
  • Accessories (mechanical/electronic)
  • Packaging
  • Rack safety testing according to international standards: Earthing, insulation, high-voltage, and leakage current checks
  • Functional testing and special checks
  • Fan insert
  • Fan speed
  • Fan alarm (and logical connections)
  • System monitoring (shelf management)
  • Output signals

Mechanical Assembly / Device Installation / Full-Scale Rack Solutions

  • Chassis with
    • Backplane
    • Power supply
    • Ventilation
    • Cooling system
    • Cables
  • Four ESD assembly lines for rack assembly
  • State-of-the-art testing machinery/fully-featured testing stations for safety inspection and system/functional testing
  • Electrical and mechanical accessories for ready-to-ship products
  • Comprehensive consulting on all aspects, including:
    • Mechanical system
    • Safety
    • System monitoring
    • Heat dissipation
  • Customer-specific packaging

Logistics / Service Provision

  • Worldwide procurement of PCBs and parts
  • Supplier rating
  • Preferred suppliers
  • QA agreements and auditing
  • Fast prototyping
  • Customer-specific logistics agreements
  • Highest quality levels