Global production concepts


More than 100 experts across the world are working on projects every day that will strengthen your market position. By sharing into the ERNI network you will experience quality, safety, logistics, and cost benefits with an immediate effect. ERNI plans on a global level and produces on a local level in Europe, North America, and Asia. Our materials procurement couldn’t be more cost-efficient, thanks to the extensive network of our corporate group.

ERNI cable systems AG - Hägendorf, Switzerland

Hägendorf, Schweiz Abotron AG EMS Connector

ERNI Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. - Lamphun, Thailand

ERNI Electronics (Thailand) Co. Ltd. Lamphun, Thailand EMS Connector

ELSA ERNI System - Beijing, China

ELSA ERNI System Peking EMS Connector

ERNI Electronics - Adelberg, Germany

ERNI Electronics EMS Adelberg

ERNI Electronic Solutions - Göppingen, Germany

ERNI Ems Steckverbinder

ERNI Electronics Inc. - Richmond, USA

ERNI Electronics Inc. EMS Connector