About us

Our Competence Center for Soldering Technology – ERNI Electronic Solutions – offers you a comprehensive range of services for the development and manufacture of electronic components and systems.

Products and services

Our development team will support you from the original product idea right through to optimized serial production. Addressing your individual requirements, the ERNI group of companies can provide a custom-tailored development, layout, and qualification services.

We will assemble your PCBs with electronic components using SMT (Surface Mount Technology), conventional wave soldering, or a combination of both and the new THR process (Through Hole Reflow). All of our soldering methods can use leaded or lead-free solder. As a manufacturing company of finished assemblies, we will also gladly offer and manage all materials procurement and logistics to support your demand. Our services include component wiring, installation of attachments, housing integration, and electrical testing of the overall system.

Every component and assembly is checked individually. In addition to automated optical inspection (AOI), we offer in-circuit testing (ICT), boundary scanning, and functional testing.
We develop the necessary unique testing software in close communication with the customer and manufacture our own testing adapters in-house.

Depending on requirements, ERNI offers a range of different coating methods depending on the application of your PCBs. These serve to protect against external factors such as corrosion or to insulate your PCBs, and most often applied to products that need to support high quality over a long service life.

What we can do for you

We are a specialist for electronics development, PCB assembly, component fitting, and testing technology.

We offer a comprehensive range of services for the development and manufacture of electronic components and assemblies. You can choose between our 'Full Service' option that enables our developers to become engaged in the very beginning with the original product idea all the way through to optimized serial production, or partner with us only to take advantage of our quality, production expertise.

We offer you custom-tailored solutions ranging from the assembly to the fitting and right through to the testing of your PCBs.

As part of the ERNI Group, we have access to development and production resources in areas as diverse as:

This allows us to offer you cost-optimized full-scale solutions in all areas of connection technology. Have a look around and let us know what we can do for you.