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About us

In January 2013 the cable manufacturer Abotron became a member of the ERNI Group. This facilitates synergies between connector and cable manufacturing. Thailand based production was renamed ERNI Electronics Thailand Co. Ltd. and extends ERNI's network of manufacturing facilities for cable assemblies. Capabilities are designed for small and medium lot sizes for both cable harnesses and full product assemblies.

Our factory in Lamphun is fast becoming ERNI Group's second hub for connector manufacturing in addition to our factory in Adelberg, Germany. Production of several product lines has been transferred to Lamphun to benefit from low costs and exemplary quality facilities. As a result, production lines for new connectors are set up from launch in Lamphun to enhance our range of products.

We look forward to expanding our customer base as well as continuously improving our worldwide services to meet and exceed customer expectations. With almost 30 years of experience we provide excellent contract manufacturing and the complete outsourcing of projects ranging from simple consumer devices to complex and challenging high end subassemblies for various industries.

Products and Services

With our vast experience and in collaboration with our reliable supplier network, we provide time and cost effective engineering which includes co-engineering of precision parts and assembly groups, advice on material and part design selection, design and construction of precision injection molds, and function tests according to the customer's requirements.

Our services include wire and harness assembly. The large selection of full- and semi-automatic machines allows us to provide a wide range of products and enables us to produce every requested volume. We also provide plastic and metal components. The high precision and versatile injection molding machines give us the competence to provide any kind of products specifications.

We offer complete solutions - from single components to full product assemblies. We manufacture or procure all required components to assure that your products will be assembled, labeled, checked, packed and arrives at your facility ready to use. Our large selection of testing equipment fulfills our quality assurance which follows the guidelines of IPC 620A - requirements and standard acceptance for cable and wire harness assemblies.

We have our own experienced tool shop with a wide variety of tools and supplies from which to choose. We can also create custom tools to suit the requirements for a diverse range of products; from highly complex requirements, right down to more simple solutions. Our quick retooling capability in our own tool shop can move your projects forward faster than anywhere else.

For assembly, refining and decorative finishing we have various machines to support the following technologies:

  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Gluing including Plasma pretreatment
  • Mechanical joining like screwing, pressing, hot welding
  • Pad printing including cliché manufacturing
  • Hot printing of color tapes
  • Potting and encapsulation
  • Punching out of stamping rails
  • Ink jet printer


Our machine park for plastic injection molding includes:

  • 2 x A220S 250 - 60 Selogica, horizontal/ vertical swing able
  • 2 x A320S 500 -100 Selogica, one of it horizontal/ vertical swing able
  • 1 x A420C 1000 -100 Selogica, horizontal
  • 1 x A1200T 800 -75 Selogica, turn table machine
  • 2D optical measuring devices
  • Plastic moister meter
  • All conventional inspection devices

From our versatile machine park, we choose the adequate manually or fully automatic machine according to your requirements for quality, lot size, flexibility and lead time to fulfill your demand.


Our machine park for cable confection and harness manufacturing includes:

  • Automatic & semi- automatic cut/ strip machines
  • Automatic double end crimping machines
  • Automatic and manually soldering/ tinning stations
  • Semi-automatic potting/ encapsulation machines
  • Cross section inspection devices
  • Pull force measuring devices
  • Electrical circuit testing unites
  • Carry out various types of testing:
    • Micrograph Laboratory
    • Pull Force Gauge
    • Height Gauge
    • Micrometer
    • Vernier Caliper
    • Visual Inspection System With CCD Camera
    • Cable Eye M3 Testing System
    • Electrical testing

What we can do for you

With almost 30 years of experience, we deliver to a large variety of markets/industries and our customers are found in Europe, North America, Asia and Pacific Rim. Many customers worldwide trust in the quality of our components and full product assemblies for infrastructure, home appliances, telecom, datacom, transportation, automotive, consumer goods, medical equipment, industrial machines, instrumentation and installations.

The quality management system is the backbone of our organization and governs all the core functions at ERNI Electronics (Thailand) Co. Ltd. Our system is evolving through a continuous improvement process where we assess ourselves with customer feedback and the results of internal and external quality audits.

By making ERNI Electronics Thailand your partner, you reduce risk and gain the assurance to receive the assembly on time or faster than you expected and within your budget.

ERNI Electronics Thailand is the ideal and reliable partner for your individual requirements on connectors, plastics, metals, cables, wire harness and subassemblies.

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