ERNI Electronics AG

About us

ERNI Electronics AG was founded in 1947 by Ernst Rudolf and Elsa Erni and is headquartered in Brüttisellen, Switzerland. The company belongs to ERNI International AG, an internationally operating group of companies. ERNI Electronics AG currently has an employee base of 15 full and part-time team members. The company operates its own state-of-the-art warehouse. In September 2008, the company relocated to new premises in Zürichstrasse 72, Brüttisellen.

Products and Services

ERNI Electronics AG offers every customer a service package tailored to their individual requirements. The main focus of this is the provision of high-quality products.

As an SME, we grant not only personal customer support but also fully professional order processing. This is possible thanks to our well-trained and highly motivated team members, as well as our excellent regional and international market expertise.

What we do for you

The demands placed on connection systems and cables are what drives our quality assurance processes. For this reason, one of ERNI's top priorities is to provide faultless customer support. Maintaining positive and reliable customer relationships creates trust. This is the basis for customer partnerships that continue to thrive in the long term.